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Hi, I currently have the common problem of my espace smoking every now and then, and burning oil!

Just bought the car a month or so ago, with a new mot, the previous owner mentioned the smoking problem but I assumed as it was diesel they all puff a bit, then I googled it and now know the cause:(

For its MOT it had a new turbo boost valve and egr fitted, but it has an unknown oil leak [advised on mot] plus I have discovered it drinks oil through the rocker cover. If I leave it like this [it passed its emmisions test] what is the worst that could occur [damage etc.] ???

I am going to attempt the cover removal myself, and arm myself with a £37 gasket set, hoping that's the source of oil leak, fearing that I dont have £297+vat for the rocker cover + inlet:crazy: my local renault dealer have quoted me just over £1k for this repair!!

Does anyone out there know of any cheaper and simple methods of solving this ?? I assume i'll be taking a 50/50 risk in buying a second hand cover?

Any help for this would be greatly received!! [my own mechanic kind of gave me the impression he didn't want to touch it!]
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