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Please help and great forum guys.

I have a 2000 Kangoo 1.9 d65 on a W plate. Yes it was a cheap run around and shoudl have known it would have had problems the price I paid, but love it as so practical not to mention just having it MOT'd and new coils fitted so keen to get this problem fixed.

The last month or so when cold starting it seems to miss fire and white smoke from the exhaust. Also it seemed to need very high revs or when in low gears, approaching junctions, dropping clutch etc, it sometimed stalled.

This was livable until last week when it did not start at all and from reading a few forums, I tried manually pumping fuel on filter, making sure inertia switch was ok, then made sure wires going to crank sensor and wiring socket on fuel pump were all ok. When I fired it up it started and I thought, great but then the next day the same problem happened and since it has not started. Fuel seems to be getting to pump but when I loosen line nuts on pump and crank engine, no fuel escapes. So not sure where to start i.e do I dismantle crank sensor and clean etc or is it nothing to do with this or does it sound like worse case scenario and my pump is gone (major job and expensive I would think)

Your expertise guys would be extremely apprciated.


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