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Hi all

Firstly i am new to the forum and tried to post in the "clio" section but it wouldnt let me for some reason...

anyway.. I am new to the forum so forgive any mosdoings.

My girlfriend was using her drivers side window when she heard a big CRACK! I have dismantled the door and found the problem - cable wound around guide and snapped the plastic peg - and have bought the repair kit off of Ebay. The problem is the plastic parts were shattered and i have no idea which goes where without taking the other door card off or buying a service manual.

Clio is Y reg - 2001 (round front not facelift version)

Does anyone have a link to a video of what goes where or can you guide me through it?

Im a competent mechanic (mainly working on old minis) so doing the job isnt a problem its just getting bits in the right place!

Hope someone can help

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