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Just resolved an issue with the battery on this car, now the rear passenger electric window won't open/close properly!

Was working on Tuesday when last used before the battery died. The rear driver side electric window works fine. But the ear passenger is very slow, and opens about 5mm, then stops, and won't open or close again for a couple of minutes, and only then it'll close a bit, but not all the way, have to wait a few more minutes before trying again, and eventually it'll close.

Have a Haynes, which says that if the front windows aren't closed when you disconnect the battery they'll need reprogramming. Would this be the same for the rear windows? They were both closed, but I still thought I'd try the steps to reprogram, but with no success.

Does it sound like a programming issue, a motor issue, or a relay issue? If relay, where is the one for the rear passenger side located? I can't hear any clicking from the relay box under the driver footwell when you open the windows, even the rear passenger window that works.

Any help/suggestions appreciated

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