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Hi i'm new to this forum, and i would really appreciate some much needed advice.

2 Weeks ago i passed my driving test, and then bought this particular car of Ebay. I didn't have much cash to play with, esp when insurance was going to be £1700 :eek:

Anyway few day's after passing my test, i sorted out insurance, and finally took to the roads in my car.

It should have been a happy moment, but pretty much straight away, i realised i'd bought a dud car, as one of the lights came on, and the car conked out.

I've got no idea about engine's and that, so i will try and explain the problems to the best of my ability.

When i start the car, it starts first time without any problem. the car will idle fine, but when i drive the car, the light comes on the dash board, and if i take my foot of the gas, the car conks out. I think the light is the electrical one. middle second from bottom. When i try to start the car again, i have to keep my foot on the gas, and the rev's go up and down by itself. I realised if i just drive the car round the block, the light turns off, and the car drives ok. It still does come back on sometimes though. It seems to be better during the day when it's warm outside.

Tonight when i drove the car, the light came on, and i managed to drive through it, until it turned off. I drove for about 15mins, and when i arrived at my destination, the light came back on, when i was slowing down. then on my return journey, there was no problem. i even filled the car up on the way back.

Also when i'm driving, the car just does not feel quite right to me. the acceleration feels strange. Like when i change gear and accelerate, the car kind of surges forward with a bump feeling, and does not feel like a smooth transition, even though i bring the clutch up nice and smooth. It's worse, when i change down in gears, the car slows down sharp as if all power just drained, and when i go up in gear, it feels awfull.

Another thing regarding changing gears, i take my foot of the gas pedal, and change gear, but it's as if the car hasn't realised i've took my foot of the gas pedal, as it's still going for a second.

Finally, when the car has it's problem, and i turn of the ignition, there is a strange clicking noise coming from the drivers side, somewhere behind the headlight.

I did have someone look at the car at mine, and he thought it might be cause the battery was almost flat, as the negative cable was a little loose. he tightened it up, and took it for a drive, but the problems we're still there. So he suggested i charged the battery overnight, and i did that until it was fully charged. fitted the negative cable back on, nice and tight. This didn't fix the problem.

Hopefully someone can help me, cause it's got me at the point, where i just want to give up driving all together. It should be a great feeling driving your own car, but for me it's like a nightmare. :(
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