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Just got a clio 1.5 dci and it appears the turbo is passed it best. I notice, high oil consumption, blue smoke when revevving at standstill. Smoke when reapplying throttle after cruising in gear (e.g. when slowing for a junction).

friend is handy with the spanners and we had an look into the problem today. we took all the turbo pipes off and noted oil in both the cold side in/out pipes.

There was a little play in the turbo shaft but nothing that would seem out of normal spec. Are we right in thinking that the seals could be to blame?

Someone "had been in there before" and we found that the boost leak we could hear was from the outlet pipe where someone had not refitted the pipe correctly (the small "sleeve" was not correctly fitted leading the leakage of pressurised air (and oil) which i hope goes someway to explaining the oily mess all around the turbo.

We got the part numbers off the unit and i checked on ebay and found:

does anyone have experience of these units? or can you suggest an alternative supplier?

many thanks
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