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Hi guys. This is my first post. I feel alittle guilty as its with a problem.
I have a 2002 laguna 1.8 petrol. Over the last couple of days it has been a bugger to start and just turning the engine over. I can hear it is trying to fire. But on other occassions it starts first touch of the button.
Earlyer today I needed to get my dads car on my drive and the laguna wouldnt start at all, so we pushed it on to the street. I dont know if it was the drop down the curb, but i tryed it as soon as it was off the drive and it started no problem!!!
I have also noticed that the drivers side window is very jurgey after its been a problem to start, but its fine when the car starts first time.
I had the 72000 mile service with cambelt, dephaser puller, and a new clutch 2 weeks ago. I dont know if that could be related?
Any ideas would be really welcomed. Thanks
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