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2002 lag 11 200 ide f5 engine 73 00 miles
NEWBY Need some help in pointing me in right direction.
Engine stop light and yellow engine symbol came on, temp gauge showed slighly hot, stopped car checked water levels and oil both ok.
Tried to restart nothing, called out RAC they said it was showing a fault on cam sensor, no spark on plugs he says it is not sending signal to ECU
I have read as many posts as i can find on cam sensors and have checked with dealer he says this sensor on the ide engine is proberbly not the fault as they have never sold one(Bring it in for diagnostic) it is not running and I dont trust there fault finding after what I have read on the forum.
I could change the sensor cost £110 will it need to be reconfigured or can I disconnect battery back to default. some threads say it is more lightly a cam shaft sensor, can any one help. Sorry dont have code numberfrom RAC as I had been waiting hours and just wanted to get home
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