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Renaul espace 2.2dci 2003.

A while ago the car had the long belt changed , i think it alternator water pump belt on pulleys one of which had siezed hence changing.
anyway about a week later the car started to struggle to start. Press the start button and she takes maybe two or three pushes of button aand allowing the full sequnece of turnover to fire and then she struggles to catchthen shes fine and idles like new.

So we changed glow good
we changed the tank fuel good

diagnostics was coming up as air mass meter code fault? Renault said we had one plug gone so we changed all of them as previously mentioned.
they said its a air mass meter fault! we changed it -still the same. They did say check exhaust gas recirculation valve. we did this diagnostically and it seemd ok and did not show a fault.

When driving if you demand high revs and power the fuel injection fault warning comes up and car stalls. If you stop car take out key , put back in and start she starts up and as long as you dont go over 4k revs she wont cut out she`ll drive ok. This has been happening all the time at only super high revs. pottering round she drives A1.

Any one have any ideas. Its obviously a fuel suplly problem but the air mass flow still keeps coming up on fault diagnostics. Shes only a 50k full history car so not expecting any probs.
could it be to do with the belt that was replaced although it was not a timing belt as previously mentioned.

any techies out there with a clue on this??

Still a Petrolhead but also like diesel
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Top Dead Centre springs to mind on this one

Curious ... do you get/need a TDC sensor for a Diesel engine ... since you dont get/need a spark to be advanced or retarded ?:)
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