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I have for tha least few weeks had a problem with my 2003 Laguna Dynamique. It is an 1,8 120hp petrol engine.

When the problem first occured there was no warning lights, the engine was not working properly betwenn 2000-2500 revs. I then changed the spark plugs, and put in some injection cleaner.

After this the car word fine, but it has now started to give me more headache.

It drives fine, until suddenly the engine looses power and it seems like it is almost cutting the petrol flow or something like that. The engine vibrates, and the car starts to "bounce". This lasts only for a few seconds, and then it runs fine again. Then it can work properly for a minute or even an hour. Today the car was not working well, and for the first time there was a yellow warning light blinking on the dashboard. It shows a yellow engine, and is in the manual labeled as instrument lamp no. 11

After about 30 secs. the lamp stopped blinking, and the car worked fine for about five minutes again, before the same thing happened again.

I have now parked it in my garage, awaiting some of You helpful experts point of view.

Have read that many have changed the coils and so on, can this be the problem with my car?

By the way, when changing the spark plugs the first time, no 2 and 3 were a bit moist, and it seemed like water had been running from the top down.

Looking forward to Your replies..

Best regards,


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Hi Hockey - sounds like the preverbial coil problem - take them out check the plugs are OK - clean round the coils making sure they are really dry and clean and try again. Either water is getting in somehow or the coils are on their way out - they usually go faulty in pairs and it is recommended all be replaced when there are problems.:)
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