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Hi there, Im new to this forum so please bare with me.

I drive a 2003 (53 plate) Renault clio 1.2 dynamique as my first car.

The car starts and runs as it should for an 11 year old car. (appart from some noisy tappets)

The odd occasion when i drop down gears to over take it completely losses all its power for about 2 seconds and the Engine coolant overheating light flashes (see attached photo for the light that flashes) but the temperature gauge is where it should be.

After the two seconds of this happening it runs and idles as it normally does.

In order to get the flashing light off i have to turn the car on and off again.

Every mechanic I've told don't understand me because they think im meaning about the orange check engine light. :confused:

The part they dont understand is why the overheating light is flashing when this power loss happens. :(

If someone could shine some light on the matter it would be much appreciated.



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Possible wiring issue , when you accelerate the engine will move back slightly and if you have damaged / chaffed wires in the harness around the engine bay then it could cause a short in the electrical system which may show as various warning symbols on the dash.

Not much help but the best i can come up with on a Saturday night at work.

My advice , with the engine off but the ignition switched on i would have someone watch the dash as you had a prod around the engine wiring. If the light flashed at a certain prod point i would investigate there. You may find all the symptoms you discribe are related to a single fault, it is trying to pin point it that is the hardest part.

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