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Hi everyone,
Great forum by the way found some useful stuff on here.
I'm currently in the process of upgrading some of the electrical equipment in a Clio 182.
I'm attempting to fit the climate control and auto lights/wipers.

I have the advantage of having another car that already has all these items fitted for my own reference.
I know so far I need a different wiring loom for the dashboard as well as all of the control units and sensors.
It is my understanding that I will need the higher specification UCH in order to run these items. The car currently has an 'N2' UCH, but the higher spec car I have has an 'N3' UCH.

As far as I'm aware the UCH is paired to both the ECU and the immobiliser transponder, which in turn is paired with the chip in the key.

So it seems I'm either looking at buying a new UCH of the higher specification and having it coded by Renault (if that's possible?), or buying a second hand one along with the ECU, transponder and key to match.

Where is the mileage stored on these vehicles? I just wonder if I was to get a secondhand UCH & ECU whether the car would take on the mileage of the car they came from and I would have to get it corrected? Or whether it is stored in the instrument panel?

If anyone could shed any light on this project and help me out it would be much appreciated!

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