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Hi I've recently purchased a Renault Megane hatchback petrol 2005 1.6v, I got her for $500 as there was oil in the radiator, but no water in oil. She's a back up car and I really love her quality and handling.

I refill her water about 300 ml every now and then. I've driven her 3 X 1000 km and she's been fine I just check water when I stop, sometimes she loses some other times not. There is not much pressure in radiator at times and no bubbles.
The aircon works but not the heater.

Yesterday I had done 950km then hit flood water, navigating meant stopping and I lost water but nearly got home then rubber smell and she would stop in low gear but got her going by reving and she'd go into gear. We got home I assumed clutch had died. Water was low but started to overheat but never hit maximum n cooled again.

Today she starts and goes into gear but I noticed when I fill the radiator the water Poor's out clear just to side of engine like a pipe isn't connected ... I need a pic to show what I mean and my service manual I haven't found diagram yet. Is it the water pump/ heater ( which I've never used til yesterday. ), Clutch? Head gasket maybe oil cooler , she drives too well to be head gasket but that might be wishful thinking. Ty. I thought was clutch rubber smell. Smoke but she went into gear today. Drove ok. But losing too much water like a hose is loose.
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