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Hi all, my first post hope someone can help with this.

I’m planning on doing the cambelt this weekend (if the rain holds off lol) I’ve got a couple of questions I hope someone could answer. My car is a 2006 1.5 dci the 106bhp version.

First question, I’ve just had a quick look (it was quick it started raining) for the plug hole for the tdc tool. I know it’s on the front gearbox end of the engine but I couldn’t see it from above. Is it behind the starter motor, accessed from below or am I going blind?

Second question, does anyone know the correct torque wrench settings for the tensioner, waterpump and crank pulley? I’ve done a little searching the internet and keep reading slightly different torques. It would be great if someone could give me me the definitive torques. With the floating crank sprocket I really don’t want that slipping.
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