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So I've read through the FAQ and articles but couldn't find anything that sounds similar to the issues I'm having.

I'll try to describe my problems to the best of my abilities, so here it goes...

About a month ago, I noticed that when I hit the Start button the engine tries to turn and it sounds like the starter/engine is trying to turn but it wouldn't start on the first try. It would then fire normally on the second try.
To me it sounds like during the first try to fire the engine, the starter is trying to turn over the engine, turning it like half a turn or so and quitting. On the second try there is a very slight hesitation on the first turn and then it fires up and runs smoothly.

And then yesterday, I got back in the car after stopping to buy something and the engine wouldn't start. It makes a weird choking noise as the Start button is pressed and it also sounds like the engine is trying to turn but it wouldn't start at all.

I checked the battery voltage and it's well above 12v.
I also checked the battery voltage with the engine on (after getting a jump start) and it was around 14v which leads me to believe the battery is fine as is the alternator/charging system.

Also, every time I try to start the engine and fail, the computer goes hay-wire and deletes all the saved data (trip mileage, fuel used, remaining miles on tank etc.)

Another issue that I don't know if has anything to do with the starting issues, is the electric windows.

Sometimes, usually after it rains, the windows will only move up/down in little increments although the button is presses constantly. Sometimes they go back to acting normally after a few days. Resetting them solves the problem.

I'd highly appreciate any input.
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