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Hi everyone,

I'm a new Renault Lagunatic owner and I have an issue with the selectable data readings. The list below are examples of the issues:

1. At idle with handbrake on, the MPG reading is 30.

2. When driving at 30 MPH, the reading is 17.

3. At idle with handbrake on, the G display is 0.9.
I Th. The MPG reading doesn't go over 30 but does change about every 2 miles (or more).

5. A non related issue is the absence of a clock! In I've never know any car not to have this basic feature. As the CD sat nav isn't supported and the mapping is 7 years out of date, I've set the screen to black be plus the light from it at night is a huge t o all of the switches, knobs and buttons are in totally be in the wrong place as are the the AC/blower/CD/Sat-Nav CD unit etc etc which begs the question why wasn't it all placed at a finger tip location as opposed to having it and having to look down?

You get the idea. Long pressing the button at the end of wiper stalk only resets the readings. Is this a common fault and if so, is there a DIY to recalibrate the data readout? If so, what's the procedure or is it an expensive trip to the main dealer?

In addition, is the mileage affected due to the bad data? In terms of the max mileage available, surely this is calculated by the fuel reported, and if that's correct then all data in must be completely wrong

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You could try a reset to see if that clears it, you WILL need your stereo activation CODE (four numbers) to make you stereo work again, if you do not have that, DO NOT follow any instructions until you have it, or your stereo will not work and spend all the time asking you for the CODE, if you have it, then:-
1. Open the bonnet, close all the doors then go make yourself a brew, wait for over 5 minutes to allow all ECU's on the car to have gone to sleep
2. Return to the car leaving your key inside the house, Just in case it causes CPU's to turn on with proximity or you press a button in your pocket and wake it up again, disconnect the negative terminal of the battery
3. Go back inside and drink brew you made earlier, wait for about 45 minutes for all electricty to have left all the components in the ECU's
4. Turn on your head lights, reconnect the terminal, turn your head lights off, this allows the headlamps to soak up any accidental electrical spike as you reconnect the terminal.
5. Start the car, reset you stereo and see if the readings that were faulty have reset themselves.
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