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Hi folks,

I have a 2007 Espace 2.0dci 150.

It has factory fitted rear parking sensors.
About while back my wife reversed into a small wall and they stopped working.

I felt them all when in reverse and believe the nearside one is broken by feeling for them pulsing or vibrating.

When reverse was engaged it would beep long and loud.

I never fixed it and all of a sudden it worked again for a few weeks.

Then low and behold it has stopped again. It doesn't even long beep to show they're broken and no faults show.

Would this be a new sensor required?
Also would anyone recommend where to get one and instructions to replace it?


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You have a beeper, a module, plus all the sensors on this..
No noise, points to beeper..

But these could well be main agent parts only..
And would not recommend playing parts darts .
Would be saying get it diagnosed, might hurt to pay for a diagnostics, but could work out cheaper in the long run..
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