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2013 renault megane 3 sport tourer 1.5 dci tom tom dynamic auto gearbox fault

car has done 125k and it has just come up with auto gearbox fault car has full service history until 100k then was serviced at 120k by me

car came up with gearbox fault last night was revving higher than normal and skiping 3rd gear, i have noticed recently it has been a bit more clunkier than normal when changing gear ignition on and off reset it and it was fine on the way into work today, what could it be is it worth changing the gearbox oil first as i guess its probably never been done as i called all the places the car was serviced at renault before i purchased it and not one had done the cam belt!! i did notice there was a solenoid issues on the cars previous to this model could this be a similar fault?

thanks in advance

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