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I am wondering if anyone can help, I have a 15 plate trafic sport with factory fit camera that displays on the interior mirror, I understand they now run ot though the nav media system i need to run it to my nav media instead of my mirror, my mirror has packed up, speaking to my local dealer they have seen the mirrors go faulty a few times and my camera is fine.
I can enable it on my nav media, the issue I have is that renault use multi connectors and not RCA leads, and no idea on the wiring diagram and renault will not give me a wiring diagram.
If I know the lead configuration on the mirror I can re-route it to my nav media and hey presto my camera now works.
I do not really want to replace the mirror as its been converted to a camper and I think moving the mirror around to swivel the seat may of caused it and can't afford to keep replacing mirrors it that is the case and the rear camera is perfectly OK to seems a shame to replace it.
Many thanks.
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