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Looks to Good to be true but make your own minds up 馃憤


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One of the first seemingly practical batteries that seems to make sense and be capable of development.

Leccie cars have too many drawbacks for me at the moment.
Okay, cost per mile on recharging is pennies but by the time you factor in battery cost and lifespan, then cost and impact of making or recycling the current types, they make no sense to me.

I'm not sure his figures make any sense at the moment but, if manufacture and recycling costs can make it feasible to buy/replace a battery pack that is good for 500 miles, easy and quick to swap and costs no more then a tank of fuel, it makes a lot of sense.
That cost will have to include tax... at the moment, the tax on fuel provides a big chunk of revenue to the government, they will not give that up easily.

I do like the idea of being able to retro-fit.
I was reading an article about a little company in Shropshire making engine packs, nominally 107hp for retro fit to vehicles, pack small enough to fit in a quad bike or classic Mini, just provide leccie and couple up the drive shafts (ahem)
Put that and this battery together with wiring loom and controls, may keep my Kia for another 20 years

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Crying out loud,It's the Mail................ oh wait let me read it first..........
Yep they are a thing. No wires or charging points needed. That's good isn't it?
Last heard they are messy to deal with when they go flat.
So, UK annual miles, cars and vans 400 billion. Range of battery 1500 miles. Will need 270 million new batteries a year and people to remove, fit and recycle. Yeah we can make that with the night shift on.

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He might make more money selling the electrolyte as a health drink alternative to Cocoa Cola or Pepsi 馃嵑
Its probably Epson Salts or Milk of Magnesia.

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I saw this too , if it works like it says it will be a real game changer.

Hope he gets a patent and keeps it British, could save the UK car manufacturing industry.

Until it gets 'copied' in the far east ! then the lawyers will get work too.

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