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Hi all, I have a problem which I hope you can help with.

I have recently had my engine out to replace the timing belt and water pump, fly wheel, clutch etc, I now have very very poor heaters, when it is below freezing outside I get no heat at all. I think this must be a airlock problem but for the life of me I cannot see where you are meant to bleed the system, any suggestions??????

Further to this I have a second problem, every time I fire the car up the airbag light lights up and sounds an irritating beep, any ideas how I can get this to stop???

I look forward to any suggestions anyone may have.

Meanwhile, I may be able to help anyone with info regarding replacing you worn and rattling dual mass flywheel for a standard solid lump at half the cost.

Oh the joys of renault. lol


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Hello pinetree1 :) I think it's also welcome to the forum :)

Renault are pretty good at hiding bleed screws, and I can only refer to what I found on a Lag 1 2.2 RTDT of the same year

1 Where the heater pipes go through the bulkhead right at the rear nearside

2 Was in either the top or bottom hose behind the radiator, on the Lag these ran virtually vertically

3 Another sneaky one was under a pile of junky looking pipes where the top hose exits from the engine. That was a pig to find.

4 I'm also told that on occasions they can be tucked away on the end of the radiator itself.

Finally you may find that the system needs a good flushing out, mine did, it was either that or part with £600 notes at Renault, no contest. :)

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