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I am planning to fit a subwoofer in my car. It is a FLI Trap 1200watt and 400 Rms (its on halfords website for £99.99)..its one of those in an enclosure box along with the amp inbuilt types.

Now halfords charges 50 quid for the fitting, which I think is a bit too much..!!

Do you think it would be a good idea to try to fit it myself. If anyone has done it, would you recommend doing it your self or go to a professional..? (would be glad if you can give me a link to some site where theres detailed instructions to do it)

I have the company fitted 6 CD changer in the this CD player good enough for a woofer as I am not in the mood to invest more for a new player..

Would like to have your thoughts on this..!!
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