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Hi all, Ive been reading other posts but cant make my mind up where to go.

basically i have a 2004 laguna 1.9dci 120bhp. Its been running brill for the last year, but has developed a couple of probs,

main one is the engine, it started to feel a bit hesitant, so I went to basics, and treated it to a full engine service fuel/air/oil fully syn 5w40 oil etc. The oil had only done 5k since i last changed it, but smelt rather burnt. before i owned it, it was on the 18k schedule! This hasnt really helped, however i have noticed around the top intercooler egr area, there is a lot of oil seeping out from somewhere. Also it seems to be puffing out black smoke when you pull away, or drive a bit enthusiastically. I have done the forte diesel treatment thing, and only use shell diesel. I am worried about this oil seepage, as i cleaned it all off, and its plastered again.

Sorry to go on, but even though my car is a bit on the tatty side, its only done 80k, and it used to be a dream to drive.

The other thing, is that ive noticed the engine seems to have a bit more movement on the top mount than id like. Is there anywhere you can get the mounts, or a new bush kit as the stealer price is astronomical!!

If there is anyone in the west midlands area anyone could recommend id be grateful

thanks for reading Rob.
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