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Hi guys,

I have a 2005 Espace Expression 2.2 DCI automatic with a blown engine!

I've found out that the engine code for my car is G9T 743. As most people are aware, complete 2.2 DCI lumps are pretty expensive. I have been offered a G9T 702 unit at a reasonable rate. This came from an 03 plated Vel Satis, and i understand this coded engine is also fitted in Lagunas. I know that the 702 has the same casting and the 743 unit will most likely fit ok, but I would really appreciate if someone knows and could list the differences between the two engine codes, eg balance rods, ancillary mounting positions, pipe work routing, etc.
The other issue is the 702 lumps are designed to mate with a manual box, as i've found out that even numbers are for manual & odd are for auto. So, as mine is an auto i need to match the crankshaft part numbers.

Any help or advice (other than scrap the car!! :crazy:)
much appreciated,

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