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I have a 2007 Scenic 1.9 Dci Dynamique. About three weeks ago I had to call the breakdown service as the engine would not start. The technician did various tests and found that an air blockage in the fuel line was the problem. Initially, this was an intermittent problem but now I have to pump the air bleed thingy everytime I go to start the engine. Any ideas of what the fault is and how to fix it?

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There is likely a leak somewhere in the fuel feed system between tank and HP fuel pump.
Could be a leaky injector.
It isn't a blockage, simply air. And the HP pump will not suck air.

System is under a low vacuum which holds fuel in the pipes, get a leak and air gets in but this doesn't mean that fuel gets out, it simply runs back to tank.

Common spots are:-
Seals in fuel filter push on fittings. They get hard with age and fail and some aftermarket filters have undersized pipes so seals do not seal.
Primer bulb.... hidden splits.
Primer bulb non return valves failed... unlikely if system is pumping up so you can start.
Anywhere where feed pipes can rub.
Any Joints in pipes.

If you suspect anywhere, some grease can effect a temporary seal.
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