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I have had a problem with our air recirculation in our Clio mk2 ph2 for the past 6 months or so, the problem was that sometimes it would work fine other times the light for air recirculation would just glow slightly but you couldn't turn it on or off.
I have done a bit of work on this the the flap motor works fine when connected to another supply and when unplugging the flap motor the air recirculation light would always work ok, plug it back in and it would play up. I also checked the voltage going to the flap motor with it disconnected and that was fine.
Anyway I brought a replacement heater control panel, stripped it down and found so cracking dry joints on the PCB which I re-soldered, I then removed the heater control panel from our car and checked the PCB there also and that too had some big drys on the board.
Anyway replaced the PCB with the one I repaired and all is working fine, the fact that the replacement one also had drys would tend to say this might be common fault but easy fixed once you know the problem.
Anyway I hope this might help someone.

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