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I bought a Laguna 2 a couple of months ago :(

No problems for the first month or so then I started getting a loud banging and a couple of other issues. i had to get the front suspension replaced after the front bush went when I was going over a speedbump. There was a problem with the bush and suspension strut so I got both sides replaced.

They also found that the near side wheels were buckled but I know they werent when I bought it. I had the car checked and they found nothing and I took it to a local place I knew would check it for free as well and they spent a while going over it. I think I know how it happened, some daft woman pulled out in front of me and I caught the kerb when avoiding her. If I ever find out who she is she'll be getting a large bill from me.

Then the knocking at the back started. Its got worse and I've tracked it to the rear windscreen. The rear widscreen wiper is attached to a bar about 6 inchs long. The other end (to the wiper) is glued on; mine had come unstuck. I glued it and the banging reduced by about 90%. It's come unstuck again so I bought some superglue gel today(the gel is great stuff comared to the watery stuff, try it). Lets hope that does it.

The reason I said check it first is super glue is a couple of quid. Far cheaper than sorting the other problems!
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