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Well, this time he is wrong.
Let me show you an example as this will be my last post here.
By the way, I also own a car like that as Espace IV is built on Laguna II chassis and suspension, they share engines, gearboxes, fuel supply....
I never had my lamps calibrated but I can sure see the difference if something gets done on suspension.

By the book, any major job on fuel or air supply systems requires recalibration of Idle Air Control valve which is responsible for engine idle speed.
But that particular procedure can be neglected as the system will eventually recalibrate itself after few days of driving.

With auto headlight adjustment that is not the case.
If not touched, after 20 years every car with self adjustment system will have same setting as when it was released from factory. That system does not even have the possibility to "know" whether light beam is too low or too high. It will keep "zero" setting from factory forever.

One of the topics here was Laguna owner complaining about visible rubbing on engine mount (in fact front frame mount). That came from lower suspension after years of use, both Laguna II and Espace IV are notoriously known for that as they share all elements of suspension.
Owner fixed that by installing new shock absorbers and springs, meaning that the whole car was lower then new, it had lower ground clearance.

Let us assume that clearance is 2 cm lower and...
Owner has a set of winter tires 195/65/15 and set of summer tires 235/35/19
Summer tire is 648 mm high and winter tire is 635 mm high.
All together, lower clearance and winter setup means that beam of light is 33 mm lower then on a new car as bulb is also 33 mm lower, closer to the ground.

Low beam on a car should reach 80 meters.
With this setup driver of Laguna can expect about 5% shorter light on the road.
Sweet spot of light is about 40 m in front of the car, laguna driver will have this spot on 38 meters.
May not sound that bad but in a opposite scenario, low beam would hit into the eyes of the drivers form opposite direction and there is no way to lower it, driver has no means to lower the beam manually.
AGAIN you have not read the original poster posts
YOU have jumped in
DID YOU MISS THE PART where they are still dancing ( Or words to that effect )
nothing has changed, apart from he has lifted the front end.
SO on that without diagnostics ( For what its worth I use Clip often ) The only fault that would show is degrees down or up.
Which can be set with CLIP,.
BUT THAT IS WHEN you install a new. or donor levelling unit.
He has done neither
THE idea of this Forum is to save people money
IF there was a reason for him to have to go and get the headlights computer set at the Dealers then I would have kept out of this thread AND let him spend his money
And trust me after 45 years of working on customers cars I have never ever made them spend their money, unless needed

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How about logic explanation then, WHY are there TWO systems for adjusting angle of headlight beam?

Super fantastic Mod Technical Supremo Nice Guy
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There isn't TWO systems , I can see where you are coming from here.
Because logic would say there is.

The switch inside the car, this moves the motors on the headlights so the headlights can be manually adjusted
Can we agree on that
The levelling system, fitted to the wishbone front, and the cross member rear, are in place of this switch,
Can we agree on that.
So both now, these just move the motors, yes
Ok so if the one with the switch inside, raises and lowers the motors, when its set on 0 the beam has to be set at a certain level not only from the road up, but direction.
So there are two screws/bolts, these will move the shield behind the headlight bulb to a different axis

Same as the one with self levelling
To use Clip, or other diagnostics, its really only EVER needed if you change the levelling sensor.
BUT IF the levelling sensor is working,then its only headlights that need adjusting.
I only ever use diagnostics to check if levelling sensor(s) are working on Any car.
And only for that,..... because if that is working, I could still set lights on the beam tester.

( Springs become soft, Larger people than me sit in cars, all have to be taken into consideration)

PS and to adjust the levelling sensors using diagnostics, certain criteria needed
Tank has to have a certain amount of fuel in, ALL tyre pressures checked, all tyres have to have a certain amount of tread on them..

WOULD you want to be spending another hour of a customers money for the labour cost of checking all criteria is correct, or just lift bonnet lid, and turn a screw on the motor

Will just say this to you, and take this as it's meant.
IF YOU can ever get away from having to use diagnostic machine on a car, then thats the way to go

USE YOUR brain, not the computers fitted on cars, or you will end up spending without really proving the fault just using diagnostics
Ask any one who owns a Beamer, its always a Crank sensor fault
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