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Dear Sir/Madam

I have Renault Clio V reg, Automatic, 1.6 which is 1999 model.

I have got two major problems.

1. when I drive longer hours specially in a busy traffic. if I stop in the case of traffic light or to wait for the give way, stops running or the engine cuts off, then I have to switch off and on to start the Engine. it happens at least 3-5 times a day.

2. After I have driven for about 5-15 Minutes there is a light which looks like a gear knob with auto below it. Everything goes back to normal when I turn the engine off and back on but it does it to me like 5-10times a day. if I keep on driving without turning the engine off and on again, the car looses energy when starts moving after a give way or a traffic light.

I have read in my manual it says I have got a faulty transmission.

Do you have an idea what could the reason be? I would like to know and try fix it myself rather than taking it to Renualt dealer as it cost alot.

Many Thanks
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