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renault Espace mk3 1999 2l petrol with ac
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I have an Espace Mk3 1999 2L16v petrol engine.
Hi people. Have battery symbol on and stop light on on the dash. Also intermittent abs warning light. Seems to come on when in gear and engine under load, and off when freewheeling.
A while ago I changed the power steering pump, which was sold as correct. I installed it the same as the previous one. The problem with the old one was that it was out of line and the belt jumped a rib on the pully wheel and sat over the edge of the wheel.
The same seems to have happened again. The power steering pump isn't in line with the other pullys and has jumped a rib out over the edge of the wheel..
To fix this I put about 3.5mm behind the pully wheel to pack it out. Having got it back in line and stopped the squeaking, now the altinator seems to have stopped working.
I'm not 100% sure that I have the belt on right as I lost the diagram I made..
The diagram on the forum for the espace mk3 doesn't look right for my layout.
Does anyone have a diagram for the correct path of the aux belt for a mk3 espace 1999 2L 16v with Aircon. There are 7 pully wheels in total.
I'm thinking I will have to replace the altinator too. Does anyone know the easiest way to remove the altinator. Does it have a replaceable regulator, if so ,where to get one, and are there any tests other than checking the voltage over the battery , to check the altinator.
Any help even obvious stuff would be good, as I don't have a workshop manual.
Cheers people
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