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hello all, just logged back in after year break. got myself a laguna again! just got 'N' reg 2.0 rti s 16v hatch with all the electric toys. overall quite pleased, got a few niggly bits:-

just been out in it and found passenger footwell carpet wet, it is raining bad, any normal places to check for leaks?:confused:

its got electric climate control, how can you put blower just on front screen without air con coming on, the only other way is no air con but it is then on windscreen and footwell.

what are the tyre pressures supposed to be, normal 15 in wheels?

can anyone recommend a manual for the engine as the haynes doeas not cover the 16v apparently!

where do i find paint code?

last but not least any thing to watch out for on this engine?

hope someone can help:) :)

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Hi there and as they say in 'Close Encounters' welcome home, the paint code should be on a transfer on the drivers door pillar (see pic) and is normally the first set of numbers/letters on the third row down in the oval section. As to the switch controlling the wind screen demisting if your control unit is the same as mine then the switch is the second one down on the right of the control panel, the top one should be the rear screen demister.
Regards Leroy


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Hiya welshlag,

  • Re passenger footwell - Check the sunroof drain holes if it has a sunroof. Also check the door seals behind the door cards to see if the seal has broken. Lastly, check the drain holes under the windscreen are clear. If it's none of those things, I pass:confused:
  • Tyre Pressure -
Normal use Front 2.3 bar, rear 2.1 bar
Fully laden or motorway Front 2.4 bar, rear 2.3 bar

  • Climate control - Don't believe you can have just windscreen withour air con coming on
Hope this helps somewhat.
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