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Hi there, when I bought my Vel Satis in July 06, I adjusted my existing insurance (a policy through Screentrade, a broker), which was around £50 as I was mid-way through the year. Then, when my other half passed her test, I was told that as she was a 'new' driver, I would need to switch to Norwich Union (but still via Screentrade, if you know what I mean), this was an extra £150, but since she was paying for her share, that was okay with me.

Then a few weeks ago, I lost one of the keycards...

I probably wouldn't have bothered reporting it, but since it was lost near my home, and as well as having the Renault logo on one side of the card, on the other side, it (helpfully, for any prospective thief) said Vel Satis! There are (unusually) around 3 of these cars within a 10 mile radius of my house, so I bit the bullet, and reported the loss.

I was amazed to learn that I would get a new set of keycards, the lock on the car changed, plus the car re-programmed (at a Renault dealer) and a courtesy car - at no cost of excess or no-claims bonus! The only blot on the copybook, was when they tried to retract the excess aspect of the claim (in other words, they wanted me to pay an excess, but I stood my ground).

I would envisage the total cost of this to be circa £500 (at least), and would imagine that if I had sourced my policy on cost factors alone, then I would not have been covered to such a comprehensive degree.

The moral of the story is, when you shop around for quotes at renewal time, make sure you read what is covered (and what isn't), since you need to ensure you are comparing like with like, and reducing the risk of unpleasant surprises.

Just thought I'd share this one with you.

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