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I want to fit a headphone socket to intercept the speaker outputs on the Cabasse 6 CD Player in my Vel Satis. Technically this is easy as long as I know which outputs are which on the 3- way connector a the rear of the unit.

Does anybody have a diagram of this? (The Annonces auto occasion - Cote auto occasion gratuite - annonce auto site has a possible solution in answer to a different quesion (re telphone) on but I am not sufficiently confident in my French (technology terms)to ensure that I understand it.

e.g Pins 22 and 23 for right ground and signal out and pins 24 and 25 for left ground and signal out (of the Cabasse unit presumably) but...

a) what does 'EXT' mean
b) why are there not 6 outputs (to 6 speakers)....possible answer is that there is another unit located elsewhere which splits and selectively attenuates the signals to alter the front/rear and left/right balance etc...

If there is another unit it opens up the possibility of intercepting only the front or rear speakers allowing different options for different passengers.
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