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I have a 1.2 1994 Renault Clio MK1 and just did 70mph in 3rd gear 馃槀 but I felt it hit a rev limiter as I was about to change gear but am scared to try it again with my luck I'd blow it up hahahha can anyone help and let me know if they have a rev limiter as standard. Thx guys
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has it got a rev counter?
I don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 down to your luck as to whether it blows up, you鈥檙e abusing it.
Even if it was as high as 11 mph/1000 (I鈥檓 guessing as couldn鈥檛 find exact figure, it will probably be less) you鈥檙e hitting 6300 or more on a car that鈥檚 nearly 28. Why would you do that since you鈥檙e way past optimum torque at that revs. You should treat it with a little more respect if you want it to last longer. The engine must have been screaming and hopefully it does have a limiter to save you from yourself.
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Most "modern" cars, ie those with ECUs that control timing, spark and fuel injection have rev limiters.
Which is not a guarantee that yours has though I would be surprised if it hasn't.

Not overly sure you would have got there anyway, as Wozz asked, got a rev counter?
If Mk2 gear ratios reflect what you may have, I don't think you would have hit 6K at 70 in 3rd..... but may have been running out of ooomph, the higher the gear used, the less chance of redlining it or hitting a rev limit, just old fashioned power to drag ratio and not enough power.

I tend to be one that isn't scared of revving engines but as Wozz says, 28 years old, gawd knows how many miles and by the look of the bay, someone has been "upgrading" which tends to say it may have been thraped....whether you blow it or not is in the lap of the gods and your right foot.
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