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i have i problem with the central locking and was wundering if it possible to fix it?! i just got a renault kangoo 1.4 2000, when i bought it the seller sayd the central locking didnt work, so i wasnt tricked in anyway that it did work.

Central locking has worked about 4 times i have had the car(i bought the car 3 weeks ago). i live in sweden so its cold here now about -5 to -10 and it snows and rains here. the few times the central locking has worked the temperature was about +2 to +5 but it has not allways worked at that temperature just 2 or 4 times, both when i press the key button and when i press the central lock button in the car it works, but none of the time the driver side door did not lock, just all of the other doors and just when central locking stopps working again i hear a clicking noise from the left side near the speaker.

now when i use the key button the light outside of the car flashes 1 time and when i press again it flashes 2 times, but the central locking dosent work at all, i dont hear any klicking noise near the left side of the speaker or anything when i press the key or central locking button inside the car...

could it be rain somewhere? or could it be a relay? or could it be water or something wrong in the driver door thats making it not working and making the other doors work sometimes? i searched the forum and mostly i found only clio users not kangoo...

thanks for reading, if you reading this. and sorry if i misspelled a few words, after all i am swedish and allways will be.
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