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Mods, I did look at putting this in the modus section but I don't have permission.

I have posted this here in the hope that its good enough to help others as there is NOTHING out there that shows or explains doing this on a Modus. If you see any glaring clock 0:) ups please shout.

Similar to a clio? It may well be but is is? I still don't know as I have never seen under the bonnet of a clio so that is no help and buying a manual that is barely half right (when you don't really know what's right till you start) seems pointless.

Our Modus alternator had had its day, with a bad bearing sounding its ire and ready to sieze as it had been getting louder.

A replacement alternator, tested and warrantied from a low mileage car (breakers still) for £50 was a good start and relying on growing up watching and helping my dad with his private jobs on the drive and years of diy spannering and lots of coffee from the wife I set to work on the unknown.

Nothing scary in the tools list, 7,10,13 and 17mm sockets similar spanners and a couple of screwdrivers, you could buy all of it new in one of those socket kits pretty much from H#lfrauds. A piece of pipe or a long bar for the tensioner will help no end. Bearing in mind the online, man/van quotes for this are around £500 and the dealer quotes START at over £700, (generic internet quotes granted)

Easy bit first, the plastic scuttle and the heater ducting below has to come off. Where you need the torx bit. Put them to one side, don't kick them across the drive by accident.

Now remember, the alternator is connected to the battery, disconnect it. Sort radio codes whatever and such before, there is a lot of energy in the battery that could cause serious harm and your skin and spanners are going to be right up there next to it.

Now you need to attack the bumper, only it isn't a bumper, think REALLY big trim panel and its easy, just fussy. Undo the bolts along the bottom of the bumper, 2 are bigger (centre pair) so keep that in mind. Don't miss 2 that are right at the end connecting the bumper to the inner arch. 4 clips under the bonnet (bonnet hahaha), ahem then under the arches there are 2 more, while taking the bumper off fully remove the drivers side foreword inner arch. You will need to pull it back to get at the bumper bolts. After removing the torx bolt that may or no be there (as you look at the drivers side wheel its at about the 2.30 point on the clock) mine were missing. You will need to disconnect the fog lights too before putting the bumper out of the way.

Now both headlights need to go, simple enough with 3 bolts 1 above and 2 below. There is a plastic, thing? that comes off with the headlight, Reanult probably could tell you what is for. Anyway put them aside after disconnecting. Are you looking at the big beam across the front of the car, yep, that's coming off. No worries, 6 17mm bolts and its out the way with the bumper.

That intercooler needs to come off too, disconnect the jubilee/spring clips holding the pipes in place and just lift it away. Then remove the pipework that runs over the engine. They are both secured to the alternator with a seemingly far too long bolt with a 10mm nut, winding it off is a pain (mine was corroded) but it does come, then just a c lip on the metal pipe and another jubilee/spring clip on the plastic. Place those together with the cold feed pipe (long black cardboard type thing) out of the way.

Next, the remaining half of the metal intercooler pipe can stay on but look along the pipe and you will see it is fixed to the engine with a 10mm bolt. Remove and move the pipe up out of the way. Should not need excessive force.

Ok, by now you will have come to the realisation that this thing was never intended as a service item. That is until you realise next to it is the oil filter. :surprise:

Waffling sorry, the tensioner is tight, shock horror, but get a rachet on it (it fits just, you have to thread it in) and your bit of pipe and turn the tensioner bolt CLOCKWISE to take the tension off the belt. Then drop the belt off the pulleys.

Now, our car has ac, this means an ac pump and with its location you have to undo its mounting bolts and let it rest lower, careful of the wiring. This gives you more room to get at the altenator bottom bolt.

The upper bolt you can get at through where the headlight was with the long extension. The bottom is a long slog with a spanner if yours is just the wrong tight like mine :frown2:. The bottom bolt doesent need to come out, just remove it as far as you can, there isn't hole on the lhside of the bottom alternator mount just a slot so you don't need the bolt out just fully undone, (don't as how long I spent figuring that).

At this point if you have an ac car you need to undo the slam panel, just 4 big 17mm bolts at each side, unclip the loom and carefully (its holding the rad) lift it up and back on the drivers side as much as you dare, it will give just enough room to wiggle the alternator through.

Obviously disconnect it now if you haven't already.

The alternator will now need some tough love to come out, it is a tight fit but there are enough nooks and crannies on the block to lever it out. Then either up in an ac car or straight out the front in a non ac car.

Depending on how well it fits you may need a stout bit of wood and a big hammer to settle the alternator in position, I did.

Once its tight you now need to evolve an extra hand. To get it back in place on our car.
Thread the new, yes do you really want to do this again? NEW alternator belt (careful some have 5 some have 6 groves). Around the crank pulley, then round the tensioner that runs on the back of the belt, up to the alt then down to the, still loose ac pump, don't go round this yet just get it in the right area as the room it gives to get at the tensioner helps a lot.

What I did, was to get the tensioner under tension and hold the bar under my knee, that gives enough room to get the belt on the ac pump comfortably then properly refit the pump and then let off the tensioner. Now enjoy getting your ratchet back :laugh:.

To quote Haynes, refitting is the reverse of removal.

If you follow this guide and your not working on my car then their may be things that could be different, I'm also human and can make mistakes so all risk is yours.

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I've asked a mod to shift this to the right section for you.
Deserves a sticky and intend to nominate it for TOTW when in right place.

Any pictures to go with it ?
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