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A guy goes out on the town. He goes round his usual haunts, and in one he sees an absolutely stunning Chinese girl. He sidles over to her, playing it cool, and offers to buy her a drink, which to his surprise and delight, she accepts.

One drink follows another, and the pair become very enamoured with each other. Eventually, they make their way back to her place, where they enter into an orgy of sex and love making that lasted well into the night, before they eventually fall asleep, exhausted.

Some time later, the guy awakes, needing to visit the bathroom. As he wanders back to the bedroom, and the sleeping beauty therein, he muses at his luck in finding such an enthusiastic and able lover. He was recalling all the various positions they had tried, and then suddenly realises that there was one position they hadn't tried, and wondered if she would go along with his desire.

He gets back into bed alongside the girl, and gently shaking her arm, said to her, said " What about a sixty nine?" and she said "If you think I'm cooking at this time of night, you can **** off!".
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