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Hello all,

I'm hoping someone can help me out here, I have seen similar threads but not entirely sure what I am looking for, I'm not a car-person so don't actually understand half the stuff I've read.

I have a 55-plate Clio Expression 1.2 16v, I've owned it for 3 1/2 years and never had any major problems.

Firstly, my car wouldn't start first time when I got in it last night, but I immediately tried again and it was fine. I was about 5 minutes from home when the electronic fault light came on (the rectangle with squiggle and coil underneath) and then a couple of minutes later I noticed the exhaust gas monitor light had come on. I parked up at home and noticed it was much louder than usual, then within a minute or two the engine cut out.

Left it for a minute while I copied the warning lights down so I could check what they were, then tried starting the car back up. It started fine, the electric fault light went out within a few seconds as normal but the exhaust light stayed on.

Just been out and checked the car again, still the same.

My first question is - is it safe to drive? May be a stupid question but if it's not safe I'd rather know then risk damaging the car. I have to travel 10 miles each way for work and with the bank holiday I'll have to clock up at least 80 miles before it can be seen to.

Secondly - What the hell could be wrong and what do I need to do? :eek: As I said before, I'm a bit ignorant with the inner workings of my car and would really appreciate laymans terms if possible!

Thanks in advance for any help.
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