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This has been puzzling me for a while, the correct operation of the electric tilt and slide sunroof on a clio 1. It has been puzzling me in the fact that to open or close to it's limits one has to depress the switch until one hears the noise of jumping gearing, which as a mechanically trained person is not a good sound. So I ask what is the correct operation of the electric motor and switch, is fully open and fully closed signalled by the jumping gearing noise or should there be some kind of stop switching in there ?

Due to a recent window closing failure, the motor had to come out for an investigation which turned out to be solved by greasing the sliders, but with the motor out I noticed the top plate of the motor gear housing is mobile and a previous owner had 'shimmed' the top plate down with a couple of broken wooden pegs there indicating to me something should be between the motor and the sunroof travel mechanism housing that has log since gone adrift. But what of the gear housing, should the top plate be mobile or should it be stuck down to the motor assembly ?

But on thinking, of the jumping gearing sound of a motor turning and a driven gear going out of mesh, this mobile plate would assist in preventing the plastic driven gear from stripping as the action would drive the actual sun roof open and close metal gear upwards out of mesh.

But as my vehicle is one that has had nine owners, one of them at some point has had the motor assembly out and added bits, ( wooden clothes line peg shimming), so I wonder what should have been there originally ?

Is there an exploded diagram of this area anywhere online?
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