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I drive a 54 plate Clio 182 and have recently returned from a work destination which had 6ft of snow fall over night.

Car was buried under it for 2 days.

Within a day of driving the car after digging it out of the snow the Engine Management Light has come on and the external temperature guage is reading rediculous temperatures (highest of 60 degrees so far).

I took it to a mate who connected his diagnostic plug and all it's said is "CODE - Sensor Malfunction".

He managed to get the engine management light off but it's come back on again after 2 days.

The temperature guage is still reading incorrectly. It literally increases a degree by the second when driving the car. Sometimes the digital temp display disappears altogether.

Any ideas on either of these problems?

Are they one and the same problem or 2 separate issues? And of course, how do I fix it without paying a fortune to a Renault Dealer?


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I would suspect the external temp probe or its wiring is faulty. The probe is usually located on the bottom of either door mirror. I have came across situations where heavy snow and ice have caused them to be damaged.
Also I would suspect your mates diagnostic kit can't read the Renault system which uses a different protocol than most other European car makers.:)

Check out the temp senspor and take it from there.
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