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Hi, this appears to be a common theme and after spending ages on various sites, I find myself here. I've had a browse but can't find an answer to the following problems so any help is appreciated.

The car in question is a Clio 2002 extreme. It's just had a new battery, alternator, starter motor.

It wouldn't start and is potentially an immobiliser issue. There was clicking from a relay when turning the key, but this has now stopped, possible as the battery is dead though.

How do I stop the alarm going off, when I connect jump leads, it just starts going off to the point of the battery being flat.

Can I reset the immobilser with that software download thing on this model if I can get the alarm to stop. (edit looks like its an RF key so that would be a no)

Anyway, it's very frustrating and I'm loathed to spend anymore money trying to get this back on the road so it could be going to Renault heaven, in fact that probably should read Hell.

Cheers for any thoughts.
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