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This (on the link below) is interesting, even MoT testers can't agree if it's a tesable item:
Renault grand modus pass or fail?? | The MOT Testers and AE's Forum (
If it is a good bracket and firmly welded then I cannot see how it could fail.
There is no rule that says a part has to be as originally fitted, just that it is safe.

A rusty one with holes is always going to risk a fail.
But I do wonder what an MOT would make of the bracket not being there?

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I bought a subframe from renault, the new ones dont have holes in,
So how can we fix the side plates?
they have obviously changed the design ,
There may be several designs, these are the 6 different part numbers for the frame(s):-
so it may be that some of them have the threaded holes, although I'm just guessing as I don't have a Renault dealer's system in front of me! If I were ordering a frame then I'd spend time with a Renault parts desk asking about all these numbers.

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This one I fitted was from Renault, they used Oval plate for info,
Then I have fitted them from tbay, and these have had no bolt holes
On Clio's and Modus,
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