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I have an X Reg 2001 Clio 16V Auto.

The timing belt went on to route to the garage to have it changed. A friend put a replacement engine in and gave it back with the yellow limp mode symbol lit, indicating that it was in safe mode. I took it to a garage that plugged it in and told me that a lead was missing. The empty black plug was situated near the F/N/S. I could see it when it was up on the ramp. Apparently when the car had been lifted to the local Renault dealer, someone had ‘taken’ a few bits – relays and obviously this missing lead. A new lead was fitted and the yellow ‘limp mode’ light went out.

The long and the short of it is that when you drive it from cold it’s great and then after about 2-3 miles the yellow light comes on again and it runs perfectly. If I then stop the car and turn the ignition off and then turn it back on, the yellow light stays off and then for about 1-2 minutes it runs like a pig. I take it up to 30 or 40 mph and the gearbox is having trouble selecting top gear. If I take my foot slightly off the accelerator, it normally drops in and away we go. This will happen for a little while and it settles down. Again, after about 2-3 miles the yellow light comes on again and bingo – it runs perfectly and will do so until I turn off the ignition.

It seems to me that the ‘limp mode’ light has the opposite effect. If I could only get it to stay on every time I start the car, then it would be perfect. I don’t know what causes this light to come on – is it heat related? I’m no mechanic but it appears to me to be an electrical problem rather than mechanical.

Before the timing belt went, the car ran like a dream and I'd never seen this light before.

I hope I have explained this OK. Has anyone come across this before?
Any advice please.

I should explain that we live in Northern France and the garages concerned are local.

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