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Hi All

Many thanks to those who helped with my last nightmare - I learnt a lot about immobilisers and was able to point a few others in the right direction.

Just had the exhaust changed on our 'P' reg Clio 1.4 Auto.
Being an old car I opted for a secondhand job lot from the scrappy - supplied and fitted £125.

On further inspection of the job as I got home, I notice the lambda sensor connector hanging free - I think this exhaust probably has no sensor - from an earlier model?

Anyway, what implications does this have for my engine, regarding ECU, emissions, MOT, performance and consumption. Considering this is an old car, how concened do I need to be.

And if it is a prob, is it feasible to pick up a sensor, drill a hole and just poke it in, so to speak.

Try to resist the temptation to say served you right, I know 'cheap' isn't always cheap etc, it's just that the £305 quoted by Kwik Fit is a little beyond the pale and I did inspect the condition of the exhaust before I bought it, but not the sensor.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Without the sensor your car will fail it's MOT.It will also effect the running of the car.....

Are you sure that the sensor is not there and just not plugged in?.
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