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I have had a few probelms with my clio in the past few days.
Recently the electrical fault warning light has been coming while driving, as soon as it does I lose power and cant accelerate over 30mph. I also have a similar problem with the exhaust monitoring light coming on. Both started happening at the same time so surley its related.

Apparently the reason for the lack power was the ECU putting the car in to "get home mode" restricting the car to 30mph.

I seen the exact same problem posted on another forum and one of the replies was to take out the ECU fuse for half an hour to let it reset then run the car for an hour after wards so that it adapts to your driving style!? This seemed to work for the person who made the post, but where is the ECU fuse exactly? and has anyone else encountered this problem? Any help appreciated.

Also on the original post I looked at the guy said that Renault could not find the problem and tried to charge him £500 for a new ECU!!:crazy:
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