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Hi everybody,

This is my first post. My name is Eldee and I live in the Netherlands.
My Clio II (2002 - 1.2 16v) has a big problem. Sometimes when the engine is running idle (e.g. in front of a traffic light) and I want to drive away, the engine stops (the engine light turns orange aswell).
When I turn the key again, a red LED on the dashboard stays solid and the engine won't start again (starter engine doesn't turn around aswell).
Sometimes I have to wait a long time before it will start again (multiple hours).
The workaround is to pull a black relay (the one on the left (in a serie of three)), and put it back again. The relays are situated close to the battery. Sometimes I have to pull/put the relay multiple times before the engine will keep continue running. Another workaround is to pull and put one of the cables of the ECU (situated on the back of the engine). I tried the rightmost cable, I don't know if the leftmost cable will do the trick aswell.

I've replaced the crankshaft sensor, the relay, the lambda sensors and the key. Nothing seems to work.

When the engine runs at low RPM (e.g. 500 - 1000) and the throttle is fully pushed, sometimes the engine will accelerate like it's experiencing misfires.

There are no trouble codes in the car memory.

Some live data with warm engine:

- Fuel SYS1: CL,using HO2S
- Coolant (oC): 94
- ST FTRM1 (%): between 20 - 30
- LT FTRM1 (%): between 4 - 8
- MAP(Kpa): increasing with throttle/load
- IGN ADV(DEG): between -10 and +10
- IAT(oC): 30
- TPS: correspondig throttle paddle
- O2S11: fluctuating rapidly betweek 0 - 1.0 V
- O2S12: corresponding engine load (0V = low load, 1.0V = high load);

All seems fine, however maybe the fuel trim is a little high? I'm actually not familiar what normal values are. Most people say 20% is ideal.

I hope someone can help.

Thank you in advance!


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Hi, and welcome to the forums.
Have you measured the battery voltage when the engine has been off (i.e. car has been parked) for a few hours?
Ideally, it should be around 13-14 volt.

Also, do you have air conditioning in your Clio?
If you do, does this happen when it's turned off as well?

And idle RPM down in the 500 range does sound a bit low.
It could well be a misfire. What's the state of the spark plugs?
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