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Hi, can anyone help I have a Renault Clio Mk II 1999 1.2 RN, when i bought it it had a seperate four buttom alarm keyfob that also controlled the central locking, i took it to have some work done and the mechanic has lost the keyfob, for some reason the key will only operate the ignition and boot and wont work in either door lock, I am trying to find either where the alarm box is as have traced the siren wire back into the car then dissapears into the centre of the dashboard?

or if i can tell you how the alarm operates if anyone may know what make it is the alarm fob was triangular with lock, unlock, boot & panic button.

when you start the car the doors automatically lock and when u stop the car they unlock, there is a button & blue led on the same panel as the headlamp adjuster.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if anyone can help !!!!!
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