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Hi guys,

Been planning this for a while but iv not been able to find anythinggg on this anywhere and was hoping for some advice.

want to replace the 2 front door speakers, 2 dash tweeters (was thinking component system, however, theres no crossover when i look in the door panel :/ at least where i'd expect to see it!) and install a new head unit, along with an amp.

Also, since the car is new Renault have decided to be awkward and make the speaker mountings in the doors custom for the existing speaker [Q1] what would be the best angle to approach this and make the mountings suitable for holding aftermarket speakers? Would I need any specific items/tools?

As for the tweeters in the dash, iv had a neb around and they dont seem to want to just 'pop out'.. cant see any obvious way of removing the dash, and to make things even more awkward its the TomTom edition so I have that to think about. [Q2] How would i go about removing the dash and replacing the tweeters? whats the best way to channel the wires into the doors to attach to the crossovers?

I was hoping to install the amp in order to gain that extra sound quality but Im a bit of a noob in this so any help would be great :D! [Q3] How would i successfully channel the speaker wires into the boot for the amp? Do i disconnect everything from the head unit and just run them all to the amp which i then take is then connected to the new head unit?

Thanks for your time guys i know its a bit much :/ but any help will be greatly appreciated.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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