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The sunroof on the Clio has been a notable feature mainly due to it's ability to leak or rattle when closed. Although I can not provide all the solutions I can offer some basic guides that may help.

The sunroof is pretty much the same on both the Clio 1 & 2 and is available as manual or electric opening and are available as a tilt / slide or tilt only.

The manual and electric sunroof cassettes are identical, they come with sun blinds and the Clio 2 onwards have drain pipes at the corners.

Removal of Cassette
Disconnect the battery.

- door seals
-luggage compartment seals
-grab handles
-front sun visors
-centre pillar linings
-windscreen pillar linings

Fold down the rear seats to gain better access.

Mark the position of the sunroof on the roof using masking tape to ensure correct centering when refitting.

Remove the roof console, first disconect and remove lights, IR reciever and sunroof controls then remove the console by removing the holding screws.

Remove the headlling, note the headlining is attached to the centre of the roof with mastic which needs to be cut using wire and a suitable handle. Slide the headlining through the rear hatch.

Remove the motor or handle dependent on type.

Remove the mounting bolts for the counter frame and the motor support.

Motor Mounting

Motor Mounting Plate

*Pics to follow

Remove the drain pipes where applicable.

Lift the cassette at the rear and release the counter frame from under the motor support plate.

Lift the rear of the cassette and the cassette / drive motor assembly.

Refitting is the reverse procedure but make sure the interior finishing kit is fitted to the cassette before refitting. The torque for the cassette bolts is 0.4.

Note: the foam seal between the sunroof cassette and the roof panal must be renewed.

For the electric sunroof the "Zero point" must be adjusted (seperate article)

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sounds like a nightmare lol, i'd be scared if i broke something, maybe i'll just live without using my sunroof :p x
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