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Hi All

I have a 1999 Clio Alize 1.4 petrol car that I've had for 10 year & in the last few weeks it's been acting strangely.

When I start her she's fine. Revs etc normal. She pulls off fine, but a few minutes into the drive I loose acceleration, usually whilst going uphill & the car 'kangeroos' as if fuel is not getting through. I'm not going faster than 20mph & my revs are around 2000. I then have limp to my daughter school where the engine carries on sounding juddery & lumpy until turned off. The first few times it did it it had been raining. Now it's every time I use it. If I stop the car & try to set of straight away it still plays up & it took me a long while to leave our village last week! If I leave it for a short while it'll be fine & remains so for the rest of the day.

The car has been in for a diagnostic & the garage could find nothing (They even kept her overnight & ran her first thing, she behaved fine:crazy:) She was in for a timing belt change that was overdue & at the same time leaks were found in both the oil pump & water pump that were fixed. They also sprayed with switch stuff for damp issues. She has regular services & the spark plugs are 10 months old.

Has anyone else been able to sort out a problem like this & what's the most common cause? I've had a look & the answers I've found all vary. Sensors are mentioned, but wouldn't a diagnostic pick those up?

Anyway, I'm taking her back on friday as they've asked for me to take her in when it's happening. It's on the same route I use so she should play up as normal.

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